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White Brick (Semi-Silica Brick) : WB
Key Specifications/Special Features:
1.Refractoriness, SK (Seger Cone) 26-27
2.Bulk Density, g/cc 2.05-2.10
3.Apparent Porosity , % 14-20
4.Water absorption, % 8-10
5.Cold Crushing Strength, kg/cm2 250-400
6.Modulus of Rupture, kg/cm2 40-70
7.Chemical Analysis, % Approx : 75.0
Silica (SiO2)
Alumina (Al2O3) 19.0
Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) 1.10
8.Applications : Back-up lining and sidewall lining for laddle furnace in iron and steel factory, Very high slag resistance bricks in cupola furnaces is also another best application.
Barier Brick for primary aluminium potline ( PATRA BB 70X )
Key Specifications/Special Features:
1.Maximum Limit Temperature of Application°C 1200
2.Bulk Density, g/cm3 2.10
3.Apparent Porosity , % 13
4.Cold Crushing Strength, N/mm2 60
5.Thermal Expansion at ( 600°C - 1000°C ),% 0.35-0.60
6.Thermal Shock Resistance 15
7.Cryolite Resistance (Cup Test),cm2 < 4.0
8.Thermal Conductivity (W/mK), at ( 600°C - 1000°C ) 1.4-1.55
9.Chemical Analysis, % Approx : 70.0
Silica (SiO2)
Alumina (Al2O3) 23.0
Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) < 3.0
8.The data given in this Technical Information. Sheet have been determined as average values on test specimen of machine-pressed standard bricks or products of similar size to standard bricks.They may not be applied without reservation to other sizes, since they may vary within reasonable limits and should not therefore be regarded as definite values of a property. The limiting temperature of application depends on the type of service and the type of shape.

Primary Competitive Advantages:
  • High-slag resistance
Markets Reference :
  • Thailand
  • Japan
Value of Minimum Order:
  • Negotiable
Payment Term:
  • Negotiable
Deliver lead-time:
  • Prompt or 30-45 days after order confirmation depending on shapes
FOB Port
  • Bangkok
FOB Price Range
  • Please contact for quotation

Email Address: info@patrarefractory.com
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